RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille Unveiled Three Masterpieces Of Jean Todt Limited Edition Watches

RICHARD MILLE solemnly launched three masterpieces of Jean Todt limited edition watches, namely: RM 11-03, RM 050, and RM 056 Jean Todt 50th anniversary commemoration, to commemorate the FIA President Jean Todt 50 The racing car roared in the year.

Jean Todt is the perfect successor to Ferrari’s spiritual leader Enzo-Ferrari, the eye-catcher of the seven-crown myth of the successful generation of car king Schumacher godfather of Ferrari for more than ten years.

In 2016, the 70-year-old Jean Todt was still active on the stage of motorsports. As an excellent world motorsports manager, he led the F1 giant Ferrari and served as the FIA ​​chairman since 2010.

Since becoming the co-pilot of Guy Chasseuil in 1966, Jean Todt has long been a legend in the racing world for 50 years. The story that led Ferrari to rule F1 for ten years is still commendable, even though Jean Todt retreated in 2008. Resigned from the position of team manager and CEO, but for Ferrari fans, he is no different than a god who worships. From joining Ferrari in 1993 to leading Ferrari to start the F1 dynasty in 1999, it was Jean Todt who dug into the talented technical director Ross James Brawn and the two-time world champion driver Schumacher. (Michael Schumacher)The “Iron Triangle” formed by the three people, has the myth of the Ferrari F1 six consecutive championships in 1999-2004.

In the 15 years of Ferrari, Jean Todt led Ferrari to win 98 grand Prix championships and 13 world championship titles. At its peak, Ferrari was like red lightning on the F1 circuit. It was racing on the national channels, whether Ferrari Technology or tactics have crushed other teams in the era. Even after leaving Ferrari, the legend about Jean Todt is still talked about by racing fans.

Jean Todt and RICHARD MILLE (Richard Mill) have a shared passion for watchmaking, extreme technology, and everything related to cars, making them a deep friendship. “I like watches designed by RICHARD MILLE. They are light, full of technology, and unique. These are my favorites.” Jean Todt once said.

At the 2016 “Art and Elegance” Antique Auto Show in Chantilly, RICHARD MILLE and Jean Todt, the man who wrote the most significant chapter in the history of motorsports, celebrated the 50th anniversary of this extraordinary new year. Richard Mille launched three commemorative watches specifically for Jean Todt, namely: RM 11-03, RM 050, and RM 056 Jean Todt’s 50th-anniversary commemorative career to express his respect for the old friend Jean Todt. Each of which Both marked with Jean Todt’s name, and he chose his favorite color.

Wanting to be the king on the track requires wise on-the-spot command and tactics and superb racing skills. The constant pursuit and love of the technical field are the main reasons Hean Todt and RICHARD MILLE can get together. The two are sympathetic and have unlimited enthusiasm, attention to detail, and excellence in their fields, as can be seen in these commemorative watches.

RM 11-03 Automatic Winding Back Chronograph Jean Todt Special Edition

Blue and white quartz TPT ™ case / size 49.94 x 44.50 x 16.15 mm / rubber strap / Cal. RMAC3 automatic movement core / flyback chronograph / kinetic energy 55 hours / limited to 150 pieces

The RM 11-03 self-winding flyback chronograph Jean Todt special edition unveiled at the 2016 Chantilly “Art and Elegance” Antique Auto Show. It is a veritable sports watch whose design inspiration entirely derived from the car. The development of the industry and interpreted the fashion aesthetics of RICHARD MILLE. Driven by a grade 5 automatic titanium movement, the RM 11-03 Jean Todt’s 50th-anniversary career is equipped with a new blue and white Quartz TPT ™ material protective case, which is very durable and lightweight. This composite material is composed of 600 layers of silicon dioxide stacked, only 45 microns thick. It is immersed in RICHARD MILLE’s proprietary blue resin to form a composite material, which is then heated to 120 ° C and then machined at the factory.

There are many details reminiscent of RM 11-03 racing elements. The Tier 5 titanium crown’s unique design derived from the rims and tire patterns of the car. The grooved button material is reminiscent of racing pedals. The content is equivalent to the everyday use of titanium alloys in Formula One racing cars: NTPT carbon fiber. Just like RICHARD MILLE’s traditional tradition, the entire structure of RM 11-03 is fantastic. For example, the sapphire crystal used on the dial has been treated with anti-glare treatment to show the intricate and precise movement. RM 11-03 The entire case is assembled from 20 spline screws made of grade 5 titanium alloy. There are three styles of red gold, white gold, and titanium alloy.

RM 050 Two Seconds Chronograph Tourbillon Chronograph Jean Todt Special Edition

Blue and white quartz TPT ™ case / size 50 x 42.70 mm / rubber strap / Cal.RMCC1 manual movement / two-second chronograph and power reserve, torque and function display / kinetic energy 70 hours / limited to 5 pieces

The blue quartz TPT ™ material has also used in the case of the special edition Jean Todt Tourbillon Chronograph RM 050 Double Seconds. Jean Todt’s 50th anniversary of his career movement equipped with a two-second chase timer adjusted by a tourbillon. The ultimate hollow design of the bridge plate and the bottom plate, combined with titanium alloy and carbon nanofiber material, realizes an extremely light movement, weighing only 9.5 grams, but with excellent performance. This sophisticated mechanism is also used in the last watch in the Jean Todt series, the RM 056, with a sapphire crystal case, making it even more powerful. Through excellent manual skills and a lot of mechanical processing, he was accurately grasping its structure and curvature, only to achieve superior ergonomics and post-processing. It is also unique in the advanced watchmaking industry. Each case requires at least 1000 hours of machining, including 430 hours of polishing and 350 hours of polishing.

These superb watchmaking techniques complement Jean Todt’s brilliant achievements. Whether as a Ferrari team manager, CEO or chairman of the FIA, on the stage of racing, Jean Todt can be called a legend. In 1993, Ferrari was not the king of the current F1 battlefield. In the face of the team’s internal and external problems and the unbearable situation, Jean Todt, who just joined the group, carried out drastic reforms. During the year, Ferrari dominated the myth of King F1.

RM 056 Sapphire Two Seconds Chronograph Tourbillon Chronograph Jean Todt Special Edition

Sapphire crystal case / size 50.5 x 42.70 mm / rubber strap / Cal.RMCC1 manual movement / two-second chronograph and power reserve, torque and function display / kinetic energy 70 hours / limited edition 3

RM 056 Sapphire Double Seconds Chronograph Tourbillon Chronograph Jean Todt Special Edition embodies RICHARD MILLE’s most exciting patent innovations. These cutting-edge technologies enjoy a high reputation in the advanced watchmaking industry. The entire RMCC1 movement made of grade 5 titanium alloy and the number of single parts is more than 500. This chronograph movement is undoubtedly one of the most delicate changes in watchmaking. At the same time, this tourbillon movement also equipped with power storage, torque display, and a function selector. The RICHARD MILLE engineers who strive for excellence continually improve the flow, carefully adjust the timing accuracy, and improve the needle tracking performance by reducing friction to ensure the long-term stable operation of the movement.

The watch case cut from a single piece of sapphire. After years of research and testing, the cutting process has finally reached the best standard for comfort and durability. Regardless of design or technology, this process needs to overcome unprecedented challenges: the processing of sapphire is hugely complicated. Each case takes about 1000 hours, and the bezel, main argument, and bottom cover require 430 hours of grinding Cutting process and 350 hours of the polishing process.

Time flies, in an instant, Jean Todt has been in the field of professional racing for 50 years. Compared to it, RICHARD MILLE, founded in 1999, seems a little young. But for Jean Todt and Ferrari, it was from 1999 that they worked together to compose the historical myth that dominates F1. Now we cannot know whether the fate of Jean Todt and RICHARD MILLE started at that time. Still, through these three limited edition watches, it is not difficult to see the similarity between the two: the unparalleled desire for victory and perfection, for the mechanical and The passion for manufacturing, is obsessed with precision and speed. I believe that in the long days to come, Jean Todt and RICHARD MILLE will also create brilliance in their respective fields.