Richard Mille Replica Rm53-01 Tourbillon Ntpt Carbon Fiber Watch Review

2018 Richard Mille Replica new (RM53-01) watch, once again getting inspiration from the field of racing, RICHARD MILLE (Richard Mille) and the world-renowned sapphire crystal expert Stettler, for the RM 53-01 Create a light and elegant crystal armor-laminated sapphire crystal material mirror.

This mirror consists of two layers of sapphire crystal and a thin polyethylene film in the middle. Therefore, even if the watch is directly subjected to a strong impact, there will only be cracks on the mirror surface, and it will not crack and splash, causing damage to the movement or personal injury.

New Richard Mille (RM53-01) watch in 2018, while the side of the case is made of another tough and lightweight high-tech material-NTPT carbon fiber processing, with a unique ripple luster and sharp case flow Line, highlighting the sporty style.

In addition to the sturdy body, the new Richard Mille 2018 (RM53-01) watch has a smart heart built into it. RICHARD MILLE (Richard Mille RM53-01) groundbreakingly applied a suspension cable movement, so that the tiny tourbillon can withstand stronger vibrations, and beats without injury in the center of the watch.

2018 Richard Mille new (RM53-01) watch, this break-through structure is outlined by two independent bottom plate structures and one 0.27mm braided steel cable that can slide freely through 10 pulleys The composition of the pulley system ensures the perfect balance of the entire mechanism by evenly distributing the tension, making the watch able to withstand the impact of more than 5000G.

2018 Richard Mille’s new (RM53-01) watch, RM53-01 Pablo Mac Donough tourbillon watch, limited to 30 pieces on sale. This strong and beautiful RICHARD MILLE 2018 brand new work is exactly the same as the polo sport: no fear of danger, born from danger, still maintain grace!

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